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Giving life to your unique, contemporary quartz concrete floors

Quartz is a mineral belonging to the silicate group.
It appears either in the form of large or microscopic crystals.
Making up 12% (by mass) of the Earth’s crust, quartz is the most common mineral on Earth and is one of the main components of granite.

béton quartzé poli - SOLAG
béton quartzé poli - SOLAG


Quartz is sprinkled over a fresh concrete slab floor. Once the slab has been sprinkled with quartz, it is smoothed with a mechanical trowel. The quartz provides the floor with uniform colour and additional hardness.

The technique

These extremely contemporary floors are sanded and where necessary polished or provided with an additional supplementary treatment.
Colour can be added as a result of the choice of quartz, as it is the latter which adds the colour.
Quartz concrete floors are extremely resistant and easy to maintain, for a unique and modern appearance.