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Definition of terrazzo
Terrazzo is an amalgam of fragments of coloured marble or natural stone and mortar, originally composed of a mixture of lime and crushed terracotta (today, a cement binder is used).

Finishes : these are extremely varied: from polishing through waxing to high gloss.

Definition of mosaic
Mosaic is a decorative art enabling the production of motifs from fragments of stone, glass, ceramic or marble. These fragments are called “tesserae”.

Dating a mosaic or terrazzo floor involves understanding the hardness of the binder, its composition, the wear it has been subjected to etc.
Why? Simply because it is necessary to adapt the solutions and tools required to restore a floor on the basis of each of these aspects. These two types of flooring are restored or conserved using very similar procedures.


The age of a mosaic is very important! Depending on its age, sanding may not be appropriate: Micro-stripping or waxing will instead be the appropriate methods for dealing with these venerable constructions.

The same also applies to recent floors; however, sanding may be envisaged under certain conditions and providing special procedures and tools intended for the purpose are used.

For the most modern floors almost everything is possible, subject to a preliminary inspection.