Maître Restaurateur Solier

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There are several steps in the process :

1 – Initial contact

By telephone, fax, email or by visiting our offices. We will ask you about the floor material and its general condition. We will then make an appointment for a visit on site.

2 – Site visit

Confirmation of the quality of the material and its current state, taking note of your comments and ambitions, evaluating feasibility and carrying out accurate measurements.
Proposing an appropriate solution, explaining the course of the proposed action and providing a financial estimation.

3 – Drawing up a quote


4 – Correspondence

Sending the quote and the various associated administrative documents.

5 – Work

Quote accepted: planning dates for the work.
Performance of the work.

6 – Completion

Acceptance of the work by the client, including provision of maintenance instructions and any maintenance products.
Sending the invoice and client satisfaction questionnaire.

SOLAG and you
An ideal balance enabling you to preserve your heritage, maintain the inherent quality of the materials and optimise your investment.