Maître Restaurateur Solier

Ancient mosaic: a unique family heritage

It is in the heart of Avignon that is the first dyeing factory, in charge of the trousers of the French army.
She used madder berries to make the red dye that bears the same name, and the water from the Canal de Vaucluse that runs through this city artery to rinse the fabrics.
It was not until 1843 that “rue des Roues” took the name “rue des Teinturiers”, paying homage to the intense manufacturing activity between the 14th and 19th centuries.

Since that time, the fourth generation of heirs has kept this building full of memories and history, notably with the will to save the mosaic of 10 m² present in the original entrance of the factory.

This mosaic, that SOLAG has managed to maintain, is proof that the heritage has no minimum surface, that it is often historical, but can also very well be cultural, or “heart”. In this case, it is above all a heritage of heart, also belonging to the history of the city of Avignon.