Maître Restaurateur Solier

Keeping your marble gleaming for decades to come

Geological definition
Marble is a rock resulting from the recrystallisation of ancient limestone during the formation of mountain ranges. Its appearance can vary, as can its range of colours and veining. The purest marble is white marble.

Principal characteristics
Marble lends itself extremely well to polishing, which enhances its natural colour and pattern. Its decorative appearance is generally due to the veining and coloured areas that give the rock its aesthetic characteristics.


More than 3,200 types of marble have been precisely defined in terms of their hardness, density, porosity, provenance and potential finish type, which enables:

  • Adjustment of the sanding quality (weight of the machine, speed of rotation and advancement, quality of the diamond pads used, selection of the different grain sizes etc.).
  • A complete understanding of the stripping process and the treatments selected (water-repellent, mineralising etc.)

Two suggested finishes are generally proposed

restauration terrasse marbre par solag - finition par poli-brillance
Matte (honed)
Matte (honed)

Or sometimes both

High gloss and Matte
High gloss and Matte