Maître Restaurateur Solier

Rediscovering the authenticity and aesthetic appeal of natural stone

Stone can be used for a wide variety of purposes

A natural, beautiful and traditional material of high environmental quality, resistant and durable, natural stone is perfect for construction, architectural and decorative applications.

Restauration pierre

Every stone contains within it the long geological history of its creation in the depths of the Earth. Some in boiling magma, others in slow processes of deposition and consolidation – others still forged by heat and pressure in the roots of mountain ranges.
Together they create the landscapes and environments that surround us, whether inside our homes or outdoors.



The original appearance of stone is often restored through sanding or grinding, particularly when it is laid as a floor and subject to wear and tear from a range of sources.
We employ our knowledge of the technical characteristics of the stone (hardness, density, porosity) to select just the right equipment and tools for a high-quality result.
Stone often requires one or two treatments after sanding. A choice is made between the various available treatments on the basis of the technical properties of the material and the use to which it will be put.