Maître Restaurateur Solier

So that your historic floor can be passed down to future generations

The Institut Supérieur des Métiers has designated SOLAG as an expert in the restoration of floors for its unique expertise. For this reason, we offer you the most efficient and economical solution to maintain your floors.


Why we offer this service
As soon it is laid, your floor is under attack when you walk on it, from furniture, incorrect maintenance, UV radiation and many other sources of wear. It is common for tiny scratches, spots which have penetrated the surface, surface discolouration and minor aesthetic issues to become visible
In order to avoid this premature ageing, it is essential to carry out maintenance appropriate for each type of finish: oil, wax, vitrification, metallisation etc.
All of our products are carefully composed in order to maintain and regenerate the surface protection of your floor on each application. As a result, time has only a very minor influence on your floor, and its lifetime can be extended for many decades to come.

The maintenance solution 
The regenerative capacity of our range of products makes it possible for you to pass on to future generations your floors that still look like new.